Starfire was born and raised on the distant planet Tamaran before arriving on Earth and joining the Teen Titans. The Tamaraneans are an emotional race who see feelings as the force that drives their very livelihood. In fact, it's their emotions that fuel their natural abilities of flight and starbolt power. Because of this, Starfire is inherently the most sensitive of the Titans.

Starfire's only family of which we know is her older sister, or Blackfire. Later, in the comic Teen Titans Go, it's revealed she also has a younger brother named Wildfire. She was cared for as a child by Galfore; no mention is ever made of her parents.

Starfire came to Earth as Koriand'r, alien princess being transported by the Gordanians in exile as a slave to the Citadel. Through the use of her innate Tamaranean strength, she broke free from her prison and landed in Jump City. While attempting to free herself of the handcuffs with which she had been laden, she ends up both destroying buildings and cars, and running into four young teenagers with whom she would later fight crime.

It is Raven who suggests that fighting may not be the answer, and only then does Robin notice the handcuffs. Carefully, he talks the mysterious girl down and takes off the handcuffs. She grabs and kisses him to learn the English language, and warns him to leave her alone if they do not wish to be destroyed. (This falls in line with how Tamaraneans in the comics learned language through touch, and suggests Starfire simply felt like kissing Robin as a preference.) Once freed, she sought out food in the form of popcorn and candy at the local video store.

Having been tracked by the Titans, she reunites with them and fights off the wave of Gordanians sent to recapture her. Angered at Lord Trogaar's promise of destruction, she yells at Robin, reminding him that she told him to leave her alone. The two get into an argument, but the situation is quickly defused and the decision made to work as a team to save the city from the Gordanians' particle weapon.

Having infiltrated the ship, she "brings a-pol-o-gy" and thanks him for the kindness shown. The five fight and defeat the Gordanian horde and Lord Trogaar. As the team stands on the island which will become their home, she finally tells them her name, in English, "Starfire," and asks for permission to stay on Earth.

Her clothing at the beginning of the episode was identical to that of her sister, Blackfire, suggesting this may be the clothing of Tamaranean royalty. At the end of the episode, she changes into what we have seen is civilian clothing (see "Betrothed"). It is this outfit which she wears for the rest of the series.

Starfire has not had many episodes devoted to her. Her nemesis is her sister, Blackfire, whom, through jealousy or simply out of spite, is always trying to get rid of Starfire.

Her first scheme involved giving her sister a Centauri Moon diamond. Blackfire knew the Centaurians were after her, and giving her sister the diamond made them mistake their identities. Blackfire also seems spiteful and possibly vindictive, as she slowly befriends all the Titans, endearing herself to them through sharing dark poetry and playing video games.

Seeing her sister getting along so well with her friends, she decides to leave Earth, sure that her sister would be a better Titan than she. Robin catches her as she is leaving, asking why she hadn't said goodbye. Before she can say anything, however, she is captured by the Centaurians, arrested for high crimes throughout the Centauri system.

Realizing the case of mistaken identity, Starfire seeks out her sister, who just so happened to have been leaving Earth at that exact moment. During their confrontation, Blackfire asserts herself as having always been stronger, faster, and all around better than her sister. With a cry of "not anymore!" she takes her sister down for what is apparently the first time. Blackfire is arrested and not seen again until "Betrothed."

Starfire was the first to befriend Terra in season 2, and one of those hurt most by her betrayal. While angered at Terra for this and for exploiting her natural loving kindness, she still wished to help Terra at the end of "Aftershock Part 2," and stated at her memorial service that she would miss her.

In season 3, Blackfire reappeared again, sending a message to Starfire that she would return to Tamaran in order to be married. Having not been to Tamaran for presumably four years, she has been "having a bit of the sick-home feeling," and wished to see her planet dearly. Her happiness at her homecoming and reunion with her k'norfka, Galfore, are cut short when she finds Blackfire had escaped from prison and become Grand Ruler of Tamaran. But if you listen closely to Galfore when they first see each other again, you can hear him say Koriand'r.

True to her nature, Starfire is willing to sacrifice her happiness to do what is right for her home planet, agreeing to marry Glgrdsklechhh because she believes it will stop the apparent war going on.

When it is discovered that the exalted Schlurch of Drenthax IV really does not have an army parked outside the castle, Star challenges her sister for the crown. The two once again fight, and once again, Starfire is victorious. Wishing to stay on Earth, she appoints Galfore as Grand Ruler.

She acquired a pet moth, Silkie, from Beast Boy in Season 3, whom she loves dearly, and frequently takes on walks around the Tower. The two also dine on Zorka Berries from Tamaran whenever they can, as it is Silkie's favorite food.

While Robin sought out what was left of Raven in Season 4, Starfire stayed with Beast Boy and Cyborg, fighting first Trigon and later, the most evil part of herself. While Starfire is caring and kind, Starfire's evil self is cold, calculating, and vindictive. None of the Titans could defeat themselves, and it is she who figures out that they could defeat each other's evil selves. It is Starfire who defeats Cyborg's evil self, while Beast Boy defeats her evil self.

In Season 5, it is Starfire who befriends the young Russian, Red Star. Lost in a snowstorm, he rescues her and the two bond over a traditional Russian soup. True to her nature, Starfire wishes to help Red Star use his powers to help the village and wants him to come out of his self-enforced isolation. Knowing he is truly a good person, she defends his honour against the insults hurled by General Raskov. After Red Star defeats the creature, he asks Starfire to take him to space because of a change occurring inside him. While Red Star burned brightly as a red star in the sky, she was convinced he would come back and return their kindness "...someday."

In "Calling All Titans!" she delivered Argent's communicator to her and was the one to respond to Argent's call for help. Though she was too late to help Argent, she was attacked by Kitten and Killer Moth, the two of whom took great pride in their act of revenge. She, however, was not captured and resurfaced with Red Star and Bumblebee at the Brotherhood of Evil's hideout in Paris, helping free her friends and taking part in the final fight against the Brotherhood.

In [Transformation], Starfire went through Tamaranean puberty and starting growing horrible monster-like body parts. Not knowing she was one of the rare few who turned into a chrysalis during puberty, she left Earth. When a Tamaranean during puberty becomes a chrysalis, some do not survive after being eaten by creatures called Cironielian Chrysalis Eaters. By turning into a humanoid form, she lures Starfire into her clutches, but her attempt to devour her is interrupted by the other Titans. Starfire uses her newly-acquired power of shooting beams out of her eyes to send the Chrysalis Eater to its death of being eaten by a monstrous plant. (The monster resembles Cloverfield from the 2008 film [1])

Despite being born into a royal family, Starfire knows about other forms of government, such as the constitutional republic known as the United States (as seen in Revolution when she is looking at and praising the Declaration of Independence).

[edit] PersonalityEdit

Starfire is happy, cute, naive and somewhat insecure, but her naivete is not to be mistaken for stupidity. Though it is this naivete that endears her to others, especially to Robin. She and Robin are the closest out of all the Titans, and he takes time out to explain the ways of Earth to her. An alien and an outsider, she is still rather new to Earth and its customs. This leads to much confusion for her and others, such as the awkwardness in casually drinking mustard and thinking cotton candy and cotton balls are the same thing. This strange behavior has made leeway for a LOT of comedy throughout the series. She takes friendship very seriously, and is easily distressed when others, especially her friends, argue or fight.

She is arguably the most social of the Titans, regularly meditating with Raven, or lifting weights with Cyborg. Above all, she wishes to be friends with everyone she meets, and for everyone to get along.

Starfire's personality changed dramatically from her first meeting with the Titans. In "Go!" she demonstrated her immense power and strength as she escaped from the Gordanian ship. While others saw rampant destruction without a cause, Robin saw her trying to free herself from her handcuffs. As mentioned above, it seems Tamaraneans learn language through lip contact, and having gotten what she wanted from him, she leaves him with a warning to leave her alone, knowing full well that the Gordanians were still hot on her trail.

As she fought against the Gordanians with the four other young heroes, her personality calmed dramatically, and she eventually apologized for the destruction she had caused during her escape.

This change in behaviour suggests Starfire truly was, at heart, the friendly, warm-hearted character we had known since the first episode. The reckless behaviour seen in the beginning of the episode might lend some credence to why Tamaraneans are so feared throughout the galaxy -- their strength is not easily matched. It also proves that Starfire is much, much stronger than she lets on and, when the time is needed, she's not afraid to kick a little butt.

While naive, she is extremely perceptive, and was the first to realize Robin was Red X. When the other Titans got angry, she kept her cool and scolded him calmly and rationally. While knowing he and Slade had similar personalities, she refused to believe he had gone to be Slade's apprentice of his own accord, spending hours looking for him in "Apprentice Part 2." Later in the episode she states that she "cannot live in a world where they must fight," showing that she values her friends more than anything. Her relationship with Robin is extremely important to her, and throughout the series she and he have continued to bond.

As seen in the last episode/movie, she and Robin share various tender moments together. At one point, they were about to kiss, and Robin asks her if she knows that she's his best friend. She responses 'yes', and tells him that he is also her best friend. They come to explain that nothing could ever get in the way of their friendship, implying that they both want to be more than best friends. But right before they kiss, Robin backs away, saying he's had a new thought about the villain. He also says that he is a hero, and he can't be anything more, much to his and Starfire's dismay.

In Trouble in Tokyo, Starfire and Robin are caught in the rain after defeating the enemy, and Robin says that he thinks he was wrong before. That maybe a hero wasn't all that he was, and that maybe he...we- could be (more), but Starfire interrupts him saying Robin- stop talking they both lean in and share a passionate kiss, with their friends around them saying things like 'it's about time', implying that they all knew they were going to get together one day. The series ends with Robin and Starfire holding hands, happy with each other's presence.

[edit] RelationshipsEdit

[edit] Starfire & Robin

Starfire and Robin


Robin has been Starfire's love interest since they first met. She enjoys Robin's teachings to no end and they get along well together. Robin would do anything to assure Starfire's happiness, even if it doesn't include him. She speaks differently than other people such as "kick the butt" instead of "kick butt". Starfire is very naive, making her eligible to seem somewhat foolish, but she proves her enemies wrong, however, and usually comes out victorious. Starfire is very pretty, and men often try to get a date with her. This infuriates Robin to no end. Robin is even more upset when Starfire (along with Raven) is fawning over Aqualad. In Betrothed, Starfire's last words were, "...I shall choose my own husband. Who is to know? Perhaps there is a groom for me on Earth," surrendering even the crown of Tamaran to join her friends back to Earth.

Throughout the series there have been several episodes, such as "Betrothed", "Stranded", and "Date with Destiny", that were crucial to the growing romance between Starfire and Robin. Starfire has a habit of being jealous when other girls flirt with Robin, such as Blackfire and Kitten.

In the movie, Robin becomes jealous when Starfire kisses a boy to learn Japanese. When they are on the rooftop of a building, they discuss the topic and its uses on Tamaran and Earth. When they are about to kiss, Robin states that they can be nothing more than heroes since he is too focused on his mission to which Starfire is upset. After Starfire saves Robin, they share another tender moment and they attempt to kiss again, but Beast Boy and the other Titans barge in on them. When they defeat Commander Daizo, Robin saves Starfire and he tells her that they can be more than heroes and they kiss to the other Titans' approval and at the end, are seen smiling and holding hands.

[edit] Starfire & CyborgEdit

Cyborg acts as an older brother to Starfire. She can always cheer him up and it seems that they both work out together considering his human/robot strength and her alien strength. In the episode "Troq" , Cyborg asks about the word Starfire only tells him the meaning of the word troq and he helps her. In "Deception" , when Cyborg is human and wanting to be one again, Starfire says she likes him as half robot better. The two get along often and care for each other like family.

[edit] Starfire & RavenEdit

Raven and Starfire hadn't always been the best of friends until the episode "Switched" where they had their bodies switched and had to learn more about each other to control their new powers for the moment. After that, Starfire is seen meditating with Raven in some episodes and they hang out when the boys are together. Sometimes if Starfire is worried about a girl thing or too embarrassed to talk to Robin, she talks to Raven. One thing the two have in common is that they both fawned over Aqualad together in "Deep Six". In "Titans Together" Starfire and Raven combine their powers to stop the Brotherhood of Evil. Despite their rocky start at the beginning and their different traits, the girls have become extremely close.

[edit] Starfire & Beast BoyEdit

Beast Boy has learned good things from Starfire. In the episode Forces of Nature, after Beast Boy (inadvertently) pulls a prank on Starfire and she chooses to ignore him as a result, Beast Boy convinces Thunder and Lightning to stop being irresponsible with their powers, saying that Starfire taught him to be a good person. Starfire laughs at all of Beast Boy's jokes even though they aren't funny and she doesn't get most of them, but the two are good friends, and Starfire is the first person of choice Beast Boy would entrust a very delicate secret to. In Can I Keep Him?, Beast Boy trusts Starfire to help hide his secret pet Silkie from the other Titans, and it's during this episode she forms her maternal bond to Silkie.

[edit] Starfire & BlackfireEdit

Blackfire is Starfire's older sister who hates Starfire. Blackfire never loved her sister since Starfire became next in line for the crown of Tamaran from her which is why she frames her for stealing a necklace and trying to marry her to an ooze monster. Blackfire bragged that she always was and would be the better fighter but Starfire has defeated her two times. She has been sent to prison but didn't appear with the Brotherhood of Evil because she only wanted revenge on Starfire instead of the others. Yet still, Starfire, being the nice person she is, seems always willing to make peace with her older sister. Even though Blackfire does not seem to share those feelings.

[edit] Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman strength, stamina, agility, speed, and durability,
  • Flight (up to the point of the speed of light in outer space)
  • Projection of "Starbolts" (directed energy blasts) with both concussive and heat effects through both hands and eyes
  • Ability to learn any language through lip contact.
  • High resilience to radiation
  • Ability to survive in the vacuum of space and without air for considerable periods of time

Starfire's abilities are directly controlled by her emotional state; to use them she must consciously access a given emotion. To fly she must feel "Unbridled Joy", to throw starbolts she must feel "Righteous Fury", to utilize her superhuman strength she must feel "Boundless Confidence " and " Overcoming power".