Raven is the stoic, emotionless and sarcastic member of the Teen Titans, who aids in maintaining the safety of Jump City. She is quiet, intelligent, and shrouds herself in depressing darkness, quietly bearing the curse of her past and choosing to share it with none. Due to her vast mystical power stemming from demonic sources, she is forced to keep her emotions suppressed; failure to do so often leads to catastrophic results and the unleashing of uncontrollable raw might, so she often meditates to help contain her inner power


Three of Raven's emotions; Timid (left) Brave (middle) and Happy (right)



Raven is one of the most mysterious characters in all of Teen Titans. She is cold and quiet. Emotionless and studious, she always has a witty remark, specifically in reply to most of Teen Titans' antics and attempts at humor. Her appearance and attitude appears to be that of a typical modern goth female. However, as much as she may seem distant and anti-social, producer Sam Register describes her as, "She's a dark character - but a character everyone can relate to. She's a recluse and sort of to herself. We thought that would be a good dynamic with the rest of the team. She does have a dark background in the comic."

Raven is often portrayed as the most mature member of the group, often giving sage advice to the others about various subjects, and generally stays calm even in desperate situations. She is, however, also the most emotionally-restrained of the Titans, appearing secretive and distant; she initially does not allow any of her fellow Titans into her room and spends most of her time by herself, usually meditating or reading one of her numerous books. The reason for her emotional restraint is due to the adverse effects her emotions have on her powers. If her emotions become out of control, her powers can become erratic and spontaneous, becoming active without her will. In the course of the series, however, she gradually, if only slightly, seems to warm up to her teammates. As shown through her quick suspicion of Terra, it is difficult for Raven to build trust for another, and even more difficult to truly forgive if that trust should be broken, even not hesitating to kill (or at least attempt to do so to the very best of her ability) the one who had betrayed her trust.

In several instances throughout the show, contrary to her usual behavior, she does show more emotion - such as making "heart eyes" along with Starfire at the appearance of Aqualad in "Deep Six" -, though this is mostly used for comedic effect. She also shown to be considerably less withdrawn and reclusive towards Robin. This is depicted several times throughout the series, perhaps most notably in one instance in which Robin states there is a special bond between them, due to the fact that Raven has been, literally, inside of Robin's mind. In "The End" Parts 1, 2 and 3, Robin and Raven are the two prominently featured characters, in which Robin attempts to journey into a figurative "Hell" in order to save Raven from being wiped from existence. Another such instance is shown when Raven unfreezes only Robin from the stopping of time, in order to help her escape from Slade's relentless pursuit (though possibly his sheer proximity, and the high risk of his being crushed to death were additional factors to her decision).

Raven’s own character is deeply complicated: for example, her fear of the fact that she truly was evil within led her to abandon her life, her world, her friends, to fulfill the prophecy, despite knowing what it would mean for not only Earth, but all of existence, all of purity. However, Raven also appeared to still have retained some hope that Trigon could be stopped, as she forcibly injected each of her friends with a portion of her own dark power to shield them and give them one last chance to save the day and the world. It was almost ironic that it was what had motivated her to surrender nearly all hope that ultimately destroyed Trigon.


Raven stopping time

Powers and abilities



  • Raven can move things with her mind and this is her most commonly used power. When she moves objects she projects her dark energy upon them, once telling Cyborg that she places a part of herself into the object she moves, implying this may be an extension of her soul-self. Though the upper limits of this ability has not been tested, Raven is capable of lifting and throwing objects many dozen times her own body weight.


  • Raven can sense and manipulate the powers of others to glean an idea of their thoughts, control her own emotions and heal people.


  • Raven can levitate of the ground and fly, without visible projection of her dark energy as is shown when she utilizes telekinesis. Her power is also sufficient to enable her to counter the gravitational pull of other planets.

Astral Projection:

  • Raven can project her soul from her corporeal form at will, usually in an energy form of her physical shape or as a black raven.

In her soul-self, Raven is capable of traversing through dimensional boundaries, transporting herself and four others through vast distances, phase through almost all kinds of physical barriers, ranging from solid obstacles to walls of fire, disperse visions of the future, dispel physical manifestations of suppressed fears, overwhelm projectors of vast psionic energies, mentally attack and stun another, enter and see into the mind of another, including observing their emotions and memories and communicate to the person, take control temporarily over a willing person’s body and experience whatever the person is experiencing, escape from perilous situations by flying away, physically grasp others in midair or assail others, reach back in time through a swirling lightning-filled vortex-portal back five millennia to return another back to the time and place he originated from, project the soul-self as a physical solid barrier capable of deflecting rain (a form of energy-umbrella), while simultaneously retain her own soul within her body. The soul-self has been known to gain red [1] and black [2] when Raven releases a particularly great surge of power through it or when she is unleashing emotions of intense rage or fear, as well as appear in a shape identical to that of Raven’s physical form, albeit composed of pure dark energy. A smaller version of the soul-self in green can be conjured by Raven without projecting her own spirit after an intense positive emotional upsurge and being tutored in centuries of potent mystical lore. Raven’s powers can take on the form of white energy, as shown in four separate occasions, from the breaking of her inner mind from insanity without friendship, Raven’s soul-self takes on a pure-white form to envelop Trigon, forever cleansing his stain on her world and Arella’s, undoing all the harm he had wrought, her greatest feat in the entire series. Furthermore, Raven is capable of extending the soul-self’s individual body parts through her own corporeal body. Raven at times uses her mantra to project the soul-self, yet many times has been shown to be capable of projecting it through mere will alone.


  • Raven can teleport herself and other long distances in the shape of a giant raven or by simply traveling through dark energy using portals.

She uses the incantation "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" as a focus in battle. However, Raven has displayed far greater powers, but seems reluctant to make use of said powers; On one occasion, Slade taunted her with his knowledge of her terrible destiny; to escape him, she halted the passage of time.

Raven is the most emotionally withdrawn of the Titans, due to her formidable powers being directly controlled by her every emotion - in order to use her power without causing excessive collateral damage, she must exercise intense control over her emotions. To maintain this control she makes use of potent magical artifacts such as her mirror, which enables her to directly manipulate her complex mental landscape, and spends much of her time in meditation.

Some of the other powers not mentioned are:


  • In the episode "Trouble in Tokyo" as well as certain episodes throughout the seasons, including the first one, it is shown that Raven could go through objects.

Dark Energy Constructs

  • In many episodes, it is shown that Raven can make a variety of energy constructs from her dark energy, ranging from walls to flying platforms to claws to projectiles to shields (usually dome-shaped), with these constructs temporary and subject to her will. In the episode "Trouble in Tokyo", it is also showed that she can make these fields into platforms and move them. Raven is able to raise shields with an extremely high degree of imperviousness to damage from nearly any kind of assault, be it physical or energy-based (magical or not) in nature, though the durability of these shields have been shown to vary due to a variety of unclear factors.

Above-Average Physical Condition

  • Though perhaps not the most physically talented of the fivesome, Raven is nonetheless a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, having received at least some degree of physical training and reasonable human physical capabilities, as she has displayed in several episodes during combat, such as Forces of Nature, Switched and Hide and Seek. In Titans East - Part 2, when the brainwashed Speedy attacked Raven, with physical might at the peak of mankind's due to his extreme athletic prowess, Raven was able to catch his bow and even hold it back against Speedy's own strength, until Speedy managed to catch her off guard with a sweeping kick that unbalanced her